Chuck on fear on 6th may

I did not have a better title for this post…so I decided to entitle it as you can see.
Today the Lord revealed to me how timely he can be.
I found myself in a place where I needed to make a decision and I was overwhelmed with fear regarding the situation that I was in.
I sort the word of God believing that God will speak to me through his word.
As I was turning the pages of my bible I saw a pass it on card whose theme was Isaiah I decided that I will read the whole chapter i.e. Isaiah 40. The chapter speaks of how GREAT God is and finally concludes that those who wait on this great God will soar as eagles,will run and not be weary.

After I finished my devotion, I went downstairs to watch some TV. Chuck Smith was on air and I thought it best to listen to him.
Guess what chapter he referred in the midst of his sermon of fear.
Come on guess. Okay please guess.

Yes Isaiah 40.I felt like God was waiting for me to switch on the tv and to tune into Chuck Smith.
To things Pastor Chuck said really encouraged me and I would desire that every christian to carry with them.

God loves us no matter what.
God is with is every where.”even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil”

God bless you as you read this.


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