Meditating on Scripture

I was pondering over Joshua 1:8 “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but though shall meditate therin day and night…”.
For a long time I had placed my focus on reading scripture possible studying it but not really meditating on it.

A friend then gave me Joyce Meyers Battle of the mind DVD. Joyce Meyer emphasized that we have power over what we can think and that we don’t have to ponder and roll over any thought that comes to mind.
Psyked up and on fire I set out to now meditate on scripture. I took a different approach to my study from focus on the time I spend in study to the quality I put in the study.Am not talking about background music, teary eyes. Am talking about focusing my mind as much as I can with Gods help of course and reading scripture with and expectant heart ready to hear God speak through his word and through his Spirit to my conscience.

But from this quality time(I am not trying to define what quality time with God is) I am able to pick a verse or two which I can meditate on throughout the day.
One awesome thing that has happened is that my spirit has grown strong especially against temptation and lies of the devil.
And also there is a peace that comes … hmmm weird.
Through the day when I ponder over a verse or two I have decided to post something about the verse on twitter. This sort of engraves what I have meditated on into my memory.


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