Cast Collage of Hangman The Easter Play

For the past few weeks I have had the privilege of working with some young men and women who form a larger group called  Sangreal. Sangreal is a program that brings together guyz who have recently completed there secondary education so as to provide them with an opportunity to learn and to grow more in Christ. The ‘excans’ as they are called also get to develop the different artistic talents that they have, such as drama,dance and music.

Sangreal has provided a platform where the various churches in Kahawa Sukari can spread the gospel together and form deeper stronger friendships. Most of the attendees of sangreal come from the local churches and some come from churches based further away from Kahawa Sukari. From Sangreal ,I personaly have met people who I believe I would never have met ,I have impacted lives that I would never think I  would impact and have been likewise been impacted by the lives of people that I would never think could impact me.

Well to cut the long story short , these lovely young people have been practicing a play called Hangman, an Easter Play, for the past 2 months approx. Our goal is to spread the message of what Christ did on the cross for everyone.Christ came to save us from ours sins.This is the message that Easter should remind us of. Easter bunnies ,Easter puppies, Easter eggs are a lie, and the world needs to here the truth, for the truth will set the world, you me and everyone free.

Invite a friend to come and see the play.Buy a ticket for someone you have been trying to reach out to. Take your family/friends out on 22 April 2012 at the Kenya National Theatre for the 3:00pm or 5:00pm show.

Advance tickets cos only 300 per head.Check out the Sangreal website

Here is a collage of the cast during one of there practice sessions.

Sangreal Cast during practice


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