A power tweet

Its amazing how Twitter has been a blessing to me. I just read a retweet from an artist I follow, actually the only musical artist a really follow @jimmyneedham, “To be holy you have to spend time with God not just intend to”.

This tweet became so personal that it pushed me to stop doing what I was doing and spend time with God reading his word and praying.I was challenged to stop always intending to spend time with God but never really coming through to spending time with God. This message meant so much to me because I had gone through a period when spending time in prayer and reading the word was something I rarely did.

God challenged me to search for Him in all I do and think. God challenged me to seek to honor him in all I do.


One response to “A power tweet

  1. A month later I am reading this post, I can testify that walking with God does indeed change character. Certain sins I struggled with don’t seem much of a struggle any more. God has continued to give me a desire to have him involved and guiding all areas of my life. There still some work to be done in surrendering all areas of my life to God, but I still thank God for the progress he has given me.

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