His ways are not our ways

About 2 months ago I was called for a job interview. The interview went well. I hoped to be called the following week with a response but to my dismay I did not receive any form of response. I waited a bit longer but no call …. I gave up ….I stopped waiting for them to contact me.

At the same time I was working with some young people, x-form four leavers, who go by the name Sangreal. I knew that if I got the job at the time I wanted, then the team I was asked to help in leading would have a hard time, because we were a small team and we did not have a large pool of available counsellors. This group of young people had been practising for a play that would be showing later on at the Kenya National Theatre on some Sunday in the future. Just before that Sunday I received an email from the company I had applied for a job from and they wanted me to come in for a followup interview.  I received this email a month after I went for the interview.

To cut the short story even shorter, I got the job after my work with Sangreal was over. God had planned such that getting that job would not cause an unavailability of leadership for Sangreal. God knew the right timing for the Sangreal Play and when I should get that job.

All this reminded me of what a friend once said, “Delay does not mean denial”.

God’s ways are not our ways.


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