Never hit another car but if you do …


Today, I got involved in a car accident. Actually two car accidents. So far it may sound serious but no one got hurt physically. It all happened today morning, as I was driving to work. Along the way to work I picked up a friend who was also going to work and of we went to the city of Nairobi. The journey was smooth until we approached Pangani, where we got caught up in traffic. The traffic was easing out and cars started to move faster. That’s when I decided to accelerate, only that I did not realize that the car in front of me had slowed down. Baaaam! I ran into that car. I could not believe what had just happened. I freaked out. I had never hit another car. Well, there was a time I had hit a matatu ….but let’s put that aside. I got out of the car and went to talk to the driver of the car I had just hit. As I walked towards his car, I saw another car had stopped in front of the car I had hit. It turns out that I had hit the car in front of me and the momentum had pushed the car in front of me to hit another car. For a ‘first’ real accident I went all out. 2 cars…2 cars…2 cars unbelievable. Well, I know some of you guys have had much more serious accidents than I have. Anyway, thank God I picked up that friend as I went to town because he worked for …come on guess… ok try to guess…ok you won’t try and guess. Ok! he worked for an Insurance Company broker. So technically he dealt with such issues every day.

After much discussion with the owners of the other cars, we decided to get the police involved. We went to the police station and got the details of the accident down on official government documents. The friend I picked up was God sent. He stuck with me until the end of the process. He got the police to come to the scene of the accident. He gave me an awesome quote, “If you have never hit a car or something, then you have never driven a car“.

If you have never hit a car or something, then you have never driven a car.

As I was driving home, after work, I had the radio tuned to a local station: radio 316. The presenter had a discussion going: “Is God good all the time?”
At that moment I felt angry at myself, at God, at life, at everything. I was angry that my rare and awesome “power Monday” as screwed up by that accident. Power Mondays are Mondays that just feel right. They feel filled with opportunity, like nothing can go wrong. It’s like you can do anything on that Monday.

After the whole situation, I vowed that I will never drive again. I was afraid that I may hit someone on the road or I could get into another accident, which is true. But from all this, I learnt valuable lessons.

God is good all the time. God disciplines those he loves. If I did not have that minor accident my driving would have deteriorated and probably be involved in much more serious accidents, that would have cost me more. From all these, I even learnt how to deal with accidents that happen on the road.

God uses people around us. I feel that God let all this happen, He even threw in an insurance broker friend of mine so that through all these I would not be alone.

God loves me. Even though on this particular day I felt like the worst person in the world. But still, God loves me. God has given me grace in my parent’s eyes even as I told them that I have trashed the car.  God has given me grace in the eyes of the owners of the other vehicles such that we understood each other and were able to come to an agreement.

Praise be to God.


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