How much ?

How much is my purity worth?
How much am I willing to lay aside, that can easily ensnare me?
When will I decide to walk pure?
Is it when I am pregnant?
When I have made someone pregnant?
Or is it when I am infected with HIV or a type of STD?
The battle is on. I retaliate today. Every lustful desire I bring under the authority of Jesus Christ.
As soon as that lustful thought sneaks into my brain..then I will act …and I will act fast…i will look to the cross where all sin was defeated…where I will find my true joy and satisfaction.
Oh how deceitful sin is and its siblings….young people do not be deceived not be lied to… sin’s joys only last for a moment for only a second, probably a minute, probably an hour…but Jesus gives joy that is eternal that is not based on circumstance, and will be made full in the life to come.
Give thanks for today, the blessings of today. The joy of a loving Father, the breath of life we have, the newly born spirit that all God’s children have.

Give thanks to the Father for giving his Son.


One response to “How much ?

  1. How much is my purity worth? The value I have placed on it is reflected by what I am willing to give up just to stay pure. What am I willing to give up? Can I gouge out my eye, chop off my hand just so I can remain pure..

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