From my ears to my heart

Music, why do I love you this much. Why can I listen to you over and over?
You are so beautifully irregular, yet organized. You move as it were a person dancing. Probably that’s why I dance when we hear you.
Your motion is filled with life. You are diverse, from every culture you sound different, distinct, amazingly different.
You’re so simple yet you reveal much more than what I hear. Your complex but you reveal the simple things to me.
I love how you give my memories breath. Everything seams so real for a moment.
When I hear you, I sometimes hear you speak. I can hear you but yet my words are too insufficient to describe what you are saying.
High and low you go…..oh high you go …especially high..beautifully high.
Low…intimately low. As a whole you amaze me.
What I love about you is how you reveal a man’s heart and the power that comes from you when you reveal God’s heart.
May all music reveal God to the world.



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