……with all my heart

We were created to bring glory to God [ more ], that is display how amazing God is. In all I do I want to give him my best, at home, at my job, at my church, at my community. Average doesn’t cut it.By God’s grace we can give him our best. By his strength we can do all things that he has set out for us to do. [Mark 12:28]

Facing the Giants has been one of the best movies I have ever watched. It tells a story of how a school is revived to follow Christ, as a result of the prayers made by an old man. In turn the football team is transformed to do all things for the glory of God and go on to win the State Championship. The coach of the football team is used of God to lead the team members closer to Christ even as God works in his marriage to grant him and his wife a child after 4 years of trying. They(coach and his wife) learn to love God even if He does not give them the child.

I advice you to get a box of tissue close by, because once you start crying you will not stop.


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