Morning Chronicles


I had purposed to arrive at work early on a Tuesday 13th January 2015. But after getting late in preparing I decided to wait till rush hour was over before I headed off to work. Unfortunately I still ended up in traffic for almost an hour. I was approaching Yaya centre from Oloitokitok Road when I noticed my car was struggling to accelerate. I stepped on the gas pedal but that did nothing to speed up the car. “I think i am out of fuel… But i fueled yesterday as I was going home… Did those petrol station dudes cheat me out of my fuel… I am sure I fueled enough to take to to work today”

I used the remaining momentum in the moving car to pull up to the side of the road. I stopped the car and started to ponder what to do. I texted a workmate telling them that I had “car problems”. I mean who admits that they didn’t fuel enough … White lies!!!! Anyway I spotted a tyre selling/puncture repair joint in front of me. I walk over to the men who seemed to be manning that shop and I ask them for an empty bottle. I wanted to use that bottle as a container for the petrol I would buy from a nearby petrol station. As I am chatting with these guys, one whose name is Andrew (a mechanic) Andrew tells me that I have parked the car at a really bad location and I could get clamped by the City Council (Kanjo). So we move towards the car so that we could push it to the side. Just as we are doing so we see, the “Kanjo” driving towards my car. They had definitely spotted my car and their intent was clear. Clamping time. By God’s grace we got to the car before the authorities reached it. We managed to push it to a “safer” location, basically near the tyre shop.

Andrew’s friend got a oil container and helped me with it. But it had some oil in it. We could not use the container as is, we had to clean it up before we put any petrol in it. Andrew’s friend suggests that we use some of the petrol we will buy to clean out the oil in the container. We decide to send once of the helps t get the petrol. We instruct him to make sure that he cleans up the container with some of the fuel he will purchase. But a few minutes later, after he returned from purchasing the oil, we realize that he hadn’t done that. We then had to get rid of that oil. Apparently the attendant at the petrol station told him that the oil in the container would not be a problem for the engine. But according to Andrew the oil percentage in the petrol was too high and would definitely cause problems in the engine.
So I had to go and purchase more petrol. Good thing is that this time round the container is “clean” enough, because of the previous petrol purchase trip.

I asked Andrew’s friend, who was the tyre shop attendant to fix a slow puncture I had on my back right wheel as I went to get the petrol. When I had returned from my trip, I found him past halfway into fixing the tyre. I pour the fuel into the car’s petrol tank and I attempt igniting the car. But the car doesn’t turn on. Andrew looks into the front hood and discovers that the engine isn’t receiving any petrol. He then concludes that the car petrol pump is spoilt. I ask myself “What could have possibly broken the pump”. I am not convinced about this and as we are talking with Andrew we decide to add more petrol into the car. So once again we send another pal of Andrew’s for more petrol. As we waited for the extra petrol, I ask Andrew to look into the cause of a noise I would occasionally hear coming from the bottom of the car since the previous night. He does so and manages to fix it just as soon as the extra petrol arrives. At this point, I got a chance to interact with Andrew. The conversation was in Swahili and went something like this.

Me : Its amazing how God has sorted me out.
Andrew : What has God done?
Me : I mean, He saw it fit that the car would stop near this shop and more so near a petrol station. Imagine if the car broke down somewhere else, I would not have received all the help I got from you guys

We poured the petrol into the car and once again I attempted to ignite the car. The car turns on. Yepeee πŸ™‚ . I finally got to work 1 hr 30 mins past the check-in time.


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