Unexpected ‘guitarius’ incident


So on Saturdays I teach guitar at my church. On this particular Saturday I managed to arrive at church on time for the guitar lesson. I then had to wait for my students who later on arrived late. But as I was waiting I got a chance to jam to music that I had stored up in my phone. As I was doing so, I young girl interrupted my playing by calling me across a fence from where I was seated.

Girl : Sasa, unafunzanga watu guitar?
Me : Eeee mimi hufunza watu on Saturday, hata sahi nangojea some of my students.
Girl : Unaweza nifunza?
Me : Eee I can. Do you come to this church?
Girl : Hapana
Me : (softly) Sijui vile nitakufunza, coz for kids your age, I normally teach them on Sunday
Girl : Ohhh (she is definitely sad).. lakini unaweza nifunza sahi?
Me : Eeee, kuja

Excitedly, she runs around the fence and seats next to me and our guitar lesson starts. This girl’s name is Stacey and she is in Standard 4. Her dream is to play guitar and she has mentioned this to her parents before. All she has ever done with a guitar is hold it and playfully strum against the strings.

I have taught other kids guitar before, and on this occasion as in others I have seen how fast kids can learn an instrument. This kid has a musical ear, she had never held chords on the guitar before but from the start of the lesson she attempted to hold the chords without even looking at the fret board. I taught her 5 chords and by the end of our 1 hour class she remembered all the chords. To say the least I was blown away at how gifted she was.

Whenever someone asks me to teach them guitar I am always quick to turn them down since I feel like I can’t add another student to my schedule, which already feels overwhelming. I noticed that I am quick to look for a soft way of turning them down. But after seeing the hunger and desire for this young girl to learn guitar, all this made me think how selfish I had become. Maybe I cannot do regular lessons with her, but I definetly could do that unplanned for 1 hour lesson. Praise be to God that he gave opportunity, desire, concern and strength for me to do this. I could not have taught her without God’s intervention.

Looking back I can only try and imagine how much that lesson meant to the young girl. Afterward her mom came to pick her from church. I decided to mention to her mom how talented I thought she was and that Stacey easily understands guitar. I mentioned to the mom that she should definitely consider getting Stacey into learning guitar.

As I write this what came to mind was this verse.

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35 (NKJV)

Our actions will always speak louder than our words.

My prayer now is, “Father, please help me to love your children. Many times I am too concerned about my time, my money, my needs, my wants. I forget that you desire that I be concerned about other people too. Help me to truly care for others. Use me to share your love to others, that they will eventually get to know you and your Son whom you sent to save us from our sins.


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