How to dispose a body on Valentine’s Day


Yeah, I am that guy. I dispose bodies on Valentines Day. I mean can anyone think of a better day to do it? Well before I get ahead of myself, let me back up a bit and tell you how it all happened.

I was sited at home going through a book called Knowing and Doing the Will of God –  Experiencing God. Today’s lesson was entitled “God Centered Living”. The previous night a friend of mine, George, had handed me his laptop so that I can look after it as he went to visit a friend. On this particular day he wanted to pick his laptop, so we had planned that he would come to my home and pick it. George calls and says that he was arrived. I had kept his laptop in the car. So I rush to the car to get the laptop. As I am headed there, I start thinking, “Maybe I should drop George at his place, I mean its the God centred thing to do, Not doing so would be selfish. He has come all this way. I should definitely drop him home”. After a probable 3 minute debate in my head, I decide to get into the car and take George home. As I was approaching the car I had noticed 2 young goats under the car. They were taking shelter from the hot sun. But I soon forgot about them after my debate and ignited the car and reversed it.

“Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!” I heard. My heart stopped. I knew that sound. No other animal I know off produces a sound like that. I told my self I hadn’t done what I thought I had done. I stopped the car. I saw two goats run in different directions. I got out of the car. I ran to check on the goats. One seemingly looked very confused. It looked disoriented. I then, could not tell that it was in great pain. I thought it was fine. So I looked for the other goat. I found it. It also looked fine. But I then noticed weird behaviour form the first goat so I went to check on it. I tried to touch it gently so that I could try and see where it had got hurt.

How I hoped that it was hurt on the leg or somewhere peripheral. Somethere away from the head of abdomen. The young goat ran into into the chicken pen and fell. It could not stand. It seemed like it tried to scream but it could not. I then realised that it was slowly dying. Man, I felt horrible. A minute later, the young goat stopped moving. I touched its ribs, hoping against hope that it was alive. It jerked and that was the last movement it made. It’s eyes were wide open. Its like it wanted to stay alive but it could not win that fight. It succumbed losing the fight with its eyes wide open.

So here we are on Valentines day 14th February 2015, a dead body in the chicken pen and I have to dispose of it. George had, a few minutes earlier,  just walked into the compound where all this happened. He hadn’t seen the accident, he had just walked in after it happened. My mom had also heard the commotion. We asked ourselves how do we not get rid of the body.

“Just throw it over the wall”, one said. “No, I will always remember that it is there!!”, I replied
“No, take it to the furthest end of the estate”, another said. “No, that it irresponsible, we would then have to drop it on soomeones land”, I replied again.
“Let’s bury it”, another said. “But the ground is pretty hard, we wont be able to dig very deep into the ground”, the other replied
“Or we skin it and eat it”, another said. “What!!”, I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

I knew of a stream near where we were. I decided as the murder to take the body somewhere near the stream. I mean since I killed the innocent fella. I got a relatively large polythene bag and placed the goat in it. As I did so I saw its neck bend in an unusual way. I dreaded at the thought that I had driven over its neck and snapped it. But whatever was done was done already. As people say there is not point of crying of spilt milk. George and I walked towards the stream. We threw the polythene bag and its content next to the river and went back home.

George had his laptop and we parted ways, knowing that we would meet later on in the day. I then waled back home.

I couldn’t help but wonder that there has to a something to be learnt from this incident, other than always check whats is under the car before you drive off. I thought, the goat never saw all this coming. The car was its source of shade from the hot sun. But seconds later it became the source of great pain and ultimately death. Jesus never died to save the goats from there sin. He died to save me and all men from their sin and it consequence of death. Many people don’t see death coming. They are comfortable under the shade of whatever they think offers them security or significance in this life. Then BAAM they are dead. You could say that they are already dead as they rest underneath their own shade or security. The car will one day move and they will be crushed.

But again, death did not see Jesus coming. Death was ready to get satisfied with a hearty meal, but in swoops Jesus. 🙂

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8

So I am thankful that He made me believe this and hence his salvation in now mine. I believe that since we have been told of the impending danger that we need to tell others also. We can see the car that will crush them. Let’s warn our brothers and sisters.

Death is unlike a sunset
We never see it coming
Life is unlike a sunrise
We never saw Him coming
Jesus is our resurrection and the Life

I struggled to share the gospel of the grace of God that was revealed in Christ Jesus. Let’s pray for courage and love to do so, for me and others.


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