Judgement is here and it’s mean : Part 3


Having being a part of NAIRET (Nairobi Evangelistic Team), a christian fellowship based in JKUAT, I always get excited when I am invited for some of their events. This time round I was invited for something they call Plot Plot. In summary, this is like a sleepover for the whole fellowship. Yeah people actually do that!!

The sleepover usually starts on a Saturday and ends the next day – Sunday afternoon. The sleepover will be happening in Ngong at one of the homes of a member of the fellowship. Yepeeee 🙂 I make the necessary arrangements, I call a couple of people here and there, I get directions and off I am to Ngong. It’s exciting. I like driving to new places. It’s adventurous. Plus, I never really got to go to many sleepovers in my campus years, so I guess I am making up for lost opportunities.

I finally arrive at Ngong and meet some of the fello members on the road. Handshakes, holy-2-feet-away hugs and pat-on-back embraces are exchanged and we are all generally happy to see each other. Apparently these guys were on there way to buy some food stuffs and charcoal. So they ask me if I could help them transport the stuff they wanna buy. Of Course I want o help, these are ma homies. Of to town we went.

Ahead of me I see some cops, they are doing what people call a “crack down”. Such a weird name. Anyway so they pull me over and one of the cops asks me for my driving license. I had borrowed my sister’s car that day for this trip in particular, so I knew that my license had to be in my backpack. It had to be in there. I head over to the car boot and check inside my bag for the license. I couldn’t trace it. I look look and look but I cant find it. I check the corners of the pockets of my bag but I can’t see it. I check again and again but I can’t find it. Some of the guys who came with me come over and ask me whats going on. I tell them the cops are asking for my license and I think I forgot it at home. I talk with the cop who approached me earlier and tell him that I could not find my license and that I can get it if only he gave me a few minutes. Well actually 2 hours at least since I would have to go back to Kahawa Sukari. He clearly wasn’t in a merciful mood that day. He tells one of the others cops to go with me to the station so that we write up a statement. At this point my pals now have to get out of the car and head off and do the purchasing without me. The chairman of the fellow decided to stick with me through this huddle. Its weird God always makes sure I am never alone in such situations.

This time round, I was determined to not give a bribe.

We soon arrive at the station and we engage with small talk with the lady cop who accompanied us. We try and ask if we could possibly be forgiven. The lady cop says that we would have to talk to the cop who caught us initially since that cop was her senior. I then realize that if I am to pay a fine I will need to have the money at hand. All this got me thinking about God’s providence. I find it amazing how God works. That morning I had topped up my MPESA with 6000 KES and I had 4000 KES in cash. I did this as a form of precaution. I never keep that amount of money in MPESA but on that day I did so. I asked my pal, the NAIRET chair at the time to head over to an MPESA shop and withdraw the money since we might need it as bail money. He gladly did so and came back as soon as possible.

A few minutes later the senior officer arrives. We seek audience with him and try to reason with him. He emphasises that we have to go through all the lawful processes. Amidst our conversation, there were awkward pauses which I assume he hoped would push me to introduce the bribe-talk. As we finish our conversation, I think he realised that we would not change our mind about going through the legal processes. He then remarks, “… andikia hawa watu.. Wanataka kuenda kotini”. The lady cop receives the bail money from us and writes the charge down. She gives us a receipt for the bail money and informs me that I will need to show up at the Kibera law courts on the coming Monday. I thank God for the sense of peace that he offered at that time. I was amazed at his providence throughout the whole situation. God offered a friend to walk with me through the whole encounter with the police and in His own way ensured that I had the money to pay the bail.

The NAIRET chair and I head back to the shopping centre. I drove into the town but as soon as we arrived I asked a friend called Ken to do the driving since I didn’t have a license and I wouldn’t want to get caught twice on the same day for the same offence. Despite all this, the sleepover was amazing, I got to play card games I haven’t played for a long time. Got to meet new people and I generally had a wonderful time.

I thank God as to how everything turned out. Something still bothered me. “How will my day in court turn out?”


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