3 minute tyre change

Talk about fooling yourself on April Fools. This happens when we fail to be careful with the resources placed before us. For a long time I noticed the front left tyre of my car was going flat but I always thought “It was good enough, this tyre will go on for a few more days”. So I pushed all those thoughts to the back of my head, plus I was too busy to fix it, I didn’t have time to get that tyre checked.

On 1st of April 2015 at 6:10pm, I leave work and head for home. I make a stop at a petrol station since I had planned to pick a package, a t-shirt, from a friend who schools at KCA part-time. I tried calling my pal, but he wasn’t answering my phone call. Later on he explained that he was doing an exam when I called. Since that plot failed, I re-join Thika Road and continue my journey.


As I approach Roasters I notice lots of traffic ahead of me. For all who know Thika Road at this time, this is no surprise. But I did notice something else, I heard a weird noise coming from the front left side of the car. A consistent thump. I then knew it had to be a flat tyre. I couldn’t stop in the middle of traffic; I reasoned, “If I drive up to Roasters and find proper parking spot, then I can get a chance to swap the flat tyre for the spare”. I felt like everyone was looking at me, probably saying, “I wish I never get to be this guy. I can’t believe what he is thinking now, Stuck in traffic and with a flat tyre“. A few times I considered getting out of the car and quickly fixing the tyre, but I again thought, “Its too much trouble”. Then I remembered, tyres can get really damaged if driven on when flat.

At this point we had all basically parked our cars on the road that fed into Roasters. I get out of the car and move to the rear truck to get the necessary tools that I would use to change the flat tyre. “I am going to do this” I tell myself. Weirdly, a man who had the appearance of a middle aged Hindu sees me getting out of the car and gets out of his car too.

Man : You want to change the tyre?
Me : Yeah. I want to do it while this traffic lasts
Man : Pop the tyre as I lift the car
Me : Alright, Thanks

All this time, am thinking, this man is far too kind. I honestly did not expect anyone to help me, let alone a Hindu looking man. He goes on to tell me how he with his friend once changed a tyre in 3 mins . Approximately 3 minutes later, we have changed the tyre and we all got back to our cars.

In the past when I had car trouble, I would always almost always have a friend (mostly George) in the car with me and we would get through this together. All these made me really grateful to God. He chose a stranger to help me. I never got to ask him his name, it didn’t seem necessary at the time. I was even more surprised at the enthusiasm that he helped me with. He did not hesitate to help.

That man for whatever reason just chose to help me.


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