Run Away : Part 3


We arrive at Githurai 44 and Susan guides as long, telling us where to make left and right turns. I listen to her carefully hoping that she knows exactly where she is taking us. But not long after we enter Githurai 44, she starts fumbling and doesn’t have any more directions to give.

We ask her, “Do you remember the name of the children’s home?”
Susan replies, “No, I can’t  remember the name. I have never slept at the home for even one night.”

I am really pissed at this point. I couldn’t believe the mess I have brought myself into. George decides to ask the shops near where we had parked  the car whether there are any children’s home’s nearby. George gets directions to at least one home. With eagerness we drive over to the home. But things get even weirder. We arrive at the home and ask Susan to get out of the car, but she doesn’t want to. After pleading with her, she finally agrees to do so.

As we entered the home’s main gate we meet some children playing together and we ask whether we can speak to the caregiver. A plumb lady then approaches us and introduces herself as Pauline. We give a brief summary of what we have been through in hope that she could help us. She explains to us that she has never seen Susan in her life. She even goes ahead to explain that her children’s home catered to much younger kids; kids not the age of Susan. Clearly Susan had been lying to us. Pauline tells us that if we still think that Susan is telling the truth, we could go ahead and check another children’s home that is located in a nearby Catholic church. But she warns us that Susan may be a run-way. We thank Pauline for her assistance and head out for the suggested children’s home.

George and I once again hope that we settle on a home that will take Susan in, whether or not she is from that home or not. There is only so much that we could do.

After asking around for directions, we arrive at some catholic church and we chat up the watchman stationed at the church’s gate. Once again we explain part of the story that we have been graced to be part of. The watchman tells us that we need to take Susan to the police station at Kasarani. The Kasarani police station is the station in this area, that has been dedicated to handle cases of run-away/lost children. What else could we do? What the man says sounds like the best thing we could do. So we took his advice and ran with it. Actually we drove with it (Bad joke..sorry). Off we went to Kasarani.

Kasarani Police post is buzzing with lots of activity. Some people are inquiring about friends who have been arrested. Other are getting arrested. Others are just seated, looking like they have been waiting for ages for something and nothing is coming through. Other look like they had spent the night there. All this is happening at the reception. Susan, George and I wait for our chance to speak to one of the officers who stood behind the reception counter. We finally get a chance to explain our situation. It felt almost weird how calm the police man serving us was. I guess it’s because he has handled many cases just like this before. He writes down what they call a statement. He asks us to leave our contact information with him and tells Susan to take a seat on one of the benches. He then explains that we need to wait and hope that someone will look for Susan. He also explains that if no-one comes for her, she will be taken to a children’s home in Kasarani.

Our journey with Susan ends here. We have to go now. A part of me really empathised with her. I wanted to see how all this will end, but I had to go to work. George and I give her our phone numbers and asked her to call us once she finally reaches home. I guess we wanted her to feel like she wasn’t alone.

Days later Susan’s dad calls and is thankful for all we did for her daughter.


4 responses to “Run Away : Part 3

  1. That’s a good thing you guys did…it’s what God wants us to do; help the least of these. But with urbanization and high crime rates it becomes hard to tell who’s genuine and who’s not… So, when the bible says to entertain strangers, do you think it applies to today’s Christian?

    • I like verse Hebrews 13:1 which says, “Let brotherly love continue”. It’s the verse that comes before Hebrews 13:2 “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for in so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels..”
      My point of conflict is the fact that we may be inviting someone with evil intention into our homes. I personally believe there is need for love of ourselves, the people we are to take care of and for strangers too (not that this list is conclusive of those who need to be loved). My conviction and prayer is that I would not miss an opportunity to show God’s love because I was afraid. As much as it may sound too spiritual, I believe we as Christians need to grow in fellowship with God so that we can discern which situations are needful of our attention.

  2. Liked “I would not miss an opportunity to show God’s love because I was afraid”…and “we as Christians need to grow in fellowship with God so that we can discern which situations are needful of our attention”. I think I need God to,make my heart sensitive again, because I’m so used to telling them ‘siku ingine’ without giving them much thought. Thanks for writing. God bless

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