Trees and Branches

treesTrees really amaze me, especially how the main trunk, branches and leaves link up together. The branches seem to grow in just the right way so as to make sure that everything is balanced. I have observed that the branches only grow as huge as the main trunk can support. If the main trunk is strong then the branches will be strong. A small mango tree does not have branches that are bigger than itself. A small mango tree will probably start its life with two or three branches. Those branches will grow stronger and stronger as the main branch grows bigger and bigger.

Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches”. What better vine than the King of Kings. Imagine for a second if Jesus was a feeble vine. How could he hold up every branch? But this is not the case. We can rely on Jesus to hold us up and form a strong main trunk for every believer. I rely on Jesus, the main trunk, to be the source of my strength and everything else that I need. The immeasurable strength of the vine gives me confidence and assurance of the promises God has made. He can do what He claims he will do. Yet again I made aware of my helplessness. If I am not connected to the vine, as a branch, I would not survive.

Jesus is the vine and we are the branches


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