Battery Life


Ever since the emergence of smartphones I have valued long battery life. For the longest time, I was a feature phone user. Feature phones basically are phones like the Motorola RAZR. Before that, I was a dumb phone user. My phone then was a Nokia 1110i. My Nokia would keep charge for almost a week. My Motorola would keep charge for just a bit shorter time than the Nokia.

There is a certain comfort I feel knowing that my phone can keep charge for a couple of days. But with this age of smartphones, I feel unlocking my phone from its power-saving lock screen can drain a few percents from my Lithium-Ion battery. Nowadays I feel, I should only touch my phone when I need to. “I need my phone to be up and running late in the night in case I receive an important phone call”, I say to myself. This might look a bit extreme, but the truth is, there have been days I wished my phone had at least 10% charge so that I could make that extra call or send that extra WhatsApp message.

I am the kind of person who likes to touch my phone every few minutes. Mostly to check the time and occasionally stalk my friends on Facebook. You can imagine how combining this fact and the fact that I am very conscious about my battery charge did and does to me even now. In my pocket is a phone with amazing features. A super cool camera. Super fast processor. Amoled screen. Fingerprint screen unlock. 4G LTE. But all these need power that is not in unlimited supply.

Then one day as I was talking to myself I realised, “You do know your phone will always run out of charge? Don’t you?” No matter the huge battery capacity my phone currently had, the battery’s charge will always get used up. Nothing in this physical world is built to last. Matthew 24:35 (NKJV)”Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” What God makes eternal remains eternal. What God makes temporal remains temporal. God’s words are eternal. God’s words will never pass away.

Today, I still try not to touch my phone every few minutes. But I know that my phone’s charge won’t last and consequently, my life also won’t last. In sense this is liberating. I know that God, He who has been and always will be, is taking care of everything.


One response to “Battery Life

  1. That’s lovely imagery. Everything is winding down. Nothing will last, but God is the same today, yesterday, and forever, and he is in the process of making all things new. Thanks both for the reminder and the encouragement this morning. God bless you. Audrey

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