Work Like You Mean It

cleansweepI work in an office and I am sure most of you guys do. Some of your offices have a cleaning company that takes care of the cleaning. Some of you guys hire your own cleaners. Our company is in the second group. We hire our own cleaner who comes into our office twice a week.

What really gets me is the diligence by which he does his work. He cleans the corners and cracks other cleaners would never bother to clean. He really gets his hands dirty.

But we all know how much this kind of work pays. It’s not much. But there are those who do it and do it well for whatever amount is offered to them or agreed on before hand. The truth is, I would struggle to do such cleaning. Clean my own house? Yes. But clean an office and get paid to do it! NO!!! But there are those of us who do it and they do it well. I clearly need a heart change regarding certain kinds of work and I pray God would mould me to treasure and value each kind of work. Since no kind of work is more important than another.

But seeing him every day has caused me to question how diligently I exert myself in my line of work. The cleaner’s work is clearly seen. If a seat wasn’t cleaned up properly everyone in the office will see it. He can’t hide the results of his work. The results are clearly seen. But for most of us, our works results are not clearly seen. My work involves making software and the users of our application will never see the lines of code I wrote. They will probably never get to know which part of the app I exerted my most or least effort in. I can hide behind mediocre code or user support. No one would know. When I reply to our users, I would use our work support email and none of those users will know that Vaneyck replied to that email unless I decide to tell them. The users will only see the company name on the email. The email will probably read replied.

Am I giving my best at work?

I have thus been asking myself, “Am I giving my best.” God desires to be glorified in the way we do our work. We are meant to image forth God in every aspect of life. God does not half-heartedly do something. He does not make promises half-heartedly. He did not save us-ish. Humour me for a while. Imagine if Jesus was debating on the cross whether to proceed with his amazing salvation plan. He would probably say, “I don’t think I want to save EVERYONE. It’s so much work to save EVERYONE. Plus its really painful. I don’t think I can live with myself when my Father turns his face away from me. You know what, I am not going through with this salvation plan of mine. I quit.”

Wow, that would be sad. Won’t it? We would be in a pretty bad state now. The Godhead (Father, Son and Spirit) did his work to the best of their ability.

The big question for us to answer is this, “Does our work image forth the excellence by which God did His work?

Another aspect to this is when God created all things and said that it was good. Knowing that God alone is good and therefore is the definition and standard of what is good. Then what can we say then about our work? Can we say that our work is good? Surely we are not God and we can’t do anything like He does. But again he lives in us. Surely that’s something. If He lives in us then he can and will work in us so that we work as He worked. Like all things in life, we have to seek God’s help in what He has commanded us to do.


2 responses to “Work Like You Mean It

  1. doing what we put our hands to with all our hearts, as unto the lord, to show off the excellency of our God is not always easy, and it takes alot of conscious effort, but i love that you pointed out that it is God who works in and through us to do this. He supplies the grace to do it. This was a helpful reminder, thanks 🙂

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