Wounded Soldier

Wounded Soldier

The battle was fierce.
From dodging flying arrows
To hiding in trenches
To raising my shield
Lest I would yield
To my enemies sword
Against my feeble build

But all the same
I suppose I gave my strength
Undue fame
For I thought those arrows
Are not as sharp as they truly are
That my shield
Could handle my enemies advances

Alas, wounded is what I became
I tried to run but I became lame
Limping, Bleeding, I knew I needed healing.
The cuts seemed too deep
“This will leave a mark,” I said
To remind me of battles lost
And weaknesses revealed

But amidst the battle, I saw a rock
I ran to it,
I ran as best I could.
Knowing that death was near
All I could do was hide under it
Trust that I will be safe, secure
And indeed I was

As day turned to night
And night to day
The cries of war grew dimmer
I almost heard silence itself
I knew my enemies had retreated
So, I wanted to leave
But I then I heard another voice

Find rest
Find healing
Find purpose
Find fullness of joy
Find all you need
Find me Jesus”


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