Wrap this one up


Almost every year, at about Christmas time, my dad would slaughter a goat for the whole family. Our role as children would be to drag the soon-to-be-dinner from the goat shed, prepare the necessary tools (sharpen the knife, get enough sufurias ready), prepare the table where the goat will be slaughtered, among other things. It was an exciting time for us. That night we would enjoy some really good nyamachoma.

But, I did notice that the goats would somehow sense what was going on. Once I selected the goat, it would bleat almost continuously from that moment onwards. The other goats would also join in on the bleating. Many times I thought that they consulted each other and agreed to cry out with all their might in a bid to make us reconsider. Sorry to say it didn’t work. When we did get down to slaughtering the goat, it was always a fight. We would have to hold down the goat until my dad completed the slaughtering.

This experience reminded me of a Jewish shepherd/farmer who takes care of sheep and brings to birth many lambs in a year. But not very often does he deliver a male lamb without blemish. The farmer must be excited and ecstatic that finally, he has something that he can present in the temple for his sins! But does the lamb experience the same joy? I do not think so. If lambs have feelings, I would imagine that it would live its life in fear knowing that it is destined to die a gruesome painful death. Other lambs would serve their master by offering him wool. But this particular lamb would serve its master with its life. To top it off, the farmer would then keep that lamb safe and feed it properly in readiness for the big day. Every  meal that the lamb take would be a reminder of the pending and sure death that will befall it. If I was that lamb, I would probably undergo a lot of stress.

I recently heard a song that made this lamb’s experience clearer to me. It was one by Christy Nockels titled “Wrap this one up”. The chorus is as follows. You can listen to the song here .

Wrap this one up
He is a lamb without blemish
Wrap this one up
He’ll make his way to the temple
Born for sacrifice
He’ll join the others and pay the price
Wrap this one up
Wrap this one up

We know of a lamp (Christ) that went into the slaughterhouse willingly. He did not fight for his life but he laid it down. Throughout his life, he knew that this, death, was the sure end but he trodded on faithfully. He did not shipwreck the one chance that humanity had for salvation by sinning or growing weary. He knew that the fate of humanity rested on him making it to the end righteous and holy. He knew that he was handpicked to die. He knew he was born for sacrifice.

As Christmas approaches, let us remember that Christ came that he may die. He came to save us from our sins into eternal communion with him.

The song ends ever so beautifully.

Oh the call of a Saviour
On a hill nearby
All alone he would carry
The weight of all mankind
Becoming the curse for us
He gave his life
For he knew that his time had come

Wrap this one up
He is the lamp without blemish
Wrap this one up
He paid the price
And it is finished
That death would have no sting
He rose in victory
Oh Hallelujah to the King


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