WhatsApp groups???


We love them. We can’t live without them. We create them every time we meet up with old friends. Yes, Whatsapp groups—the glue that binds this generation 😏.

I bet you all remember that one guy, “We should create a WhatsApp group that way we can be sending updates.” Don’t you just love that guy? This is just one way WhatsApp groups emerge. The other and slightly more annoying is when you are seated at home sipping your cup of tea, minding your business and vuala someone adds you to a group. Then the guy goes on to add 50, 60 or 70 other people into the same group. Did I mention that the group name doesn’t give a clue what the group is about? Then comes the explanation, “Hi guys  🙂 , so I have added you to this group blah blah…”. Lest you all think I am angry at WhatsApp groups, there are some really helpful groups out there.

But my main concern is this : why so many disagreements on Whatsapp groups? Here are some that I have observed.

  • Assuming a certain tone of voice in a message. Most participants in large WhatsApp groups don’t know each other very well. So the tone of voice used is bound to be misunderstood.
  • Assuming everyone understands what and how you say something.
  • Assuming silence means something it doesn’t.
  • Taking on sensitive discussions over WhatsApp.
  • Assuming blue-ticks means “read and ignored”.

So then how do we communicate effectively on WhatsApp?

  • Seeking for clarification when you feel that you did not understand what someone wrote.
  • Use emojis 🙂  to give a hint of the tone of voice. I have found this to be useful at times. When I want to be sarcastic, I would use the 😏  emoji.
  • Meet and talk it out in order to avoid misunderstanding. This really helps when dealing with sensitive matters. When a discussion is growing beyond bounds where having it on WhatsApp is not useful. It might be best to have the conversation face to face. At least then, the parties can understand each other better than over WhatsApp.
  • Reply to messages directed to you. Giving the silent treatment is most times rude. I fail in this area a lot. You can ask me something in a WhatsApp group and I will just not reply to it.
  • When writing a message try to be as clear as possible. We write with the same style with which we talk. Our close friends will understand our WhatsApp messages since they know us well, but the new person in the group won’t. We just need to be more sensitive to situations that need more clarity. When participants in a group get accustomed to each other then mutual understanding is achieved with less and less effort.

These are my two cents on WhatsApp groups. What are some of the causes of misunderstanding in WhatsApp groups that you have spotted and how do you think they can be tackled?


One response to “WhatsApp groups???

  1. It’s key you’ve mentioned on that point about misunderstandings…The blue-tick and issues that come along with they coming from sb.
    I also think that the issue of being in a group that is very important to you; let’s say a class group…which contains updates on lectures. But if the content being displayed usually during the rest of the time, which is a bit vibrant…Let’s say, political discussions which are much biased, jokes which are explicit, memes which touch on things that counter your faith in God… It is in line to assume a point of silence, not be engaged much in the group and bring up issues when they are only about when the next class is or such…
    This is mostly in the line of political affairs, which may end in ‘online feuds’ between opposing beliefs in members
    But, it would be advisable to take up a stand that such things shouldn’t be shared, if explicit. If it’s faith issues, your heart is the key…But also, watch your tongue, or in this case your fingertips
    That’s my two cents

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