Wounds take time to heal


Ever wondered why wounds take time to heal? When you accidentally cut yourself with a knife or hit yourself with a hammer? That wound takes a week or two to heal. Healing at an instant is not the norm. If you remember your Biology well, you would know that the healing process takes at least 3 stages. First, the wound would get inflamed to prevent infections. Secondly, new cells form over the wound. Thirdly, the scar tissue forms around the wound as the final stages of healing take place. The scab falls off and if the wound was not a serious one, the wounded section would look as it did before the injury.

What of wounds that we can’t really see? Emotional wounds. Spiritual wounds. Sin causes spiritual wounds in our hearts and minds. What healing process is needed for these types of wounds? Looking at the healing process of physical wounds we can learn something. All wounds, whether physical or spiritual need time to heal. Yes, God does heal instantly! But what is more common is the slow kind of healing. The kind of healing that goes through stages. The healing process takes as long as it takes. As with a physical wound, there is very little that one can do to hasten any of the different stages.

A healthier person takes a shorter time to heal compared to a much less healthy person. The state of our hearts determines how well we heal from whatever wound we may harbor. How well we physically heal is determined by the nutrients our bodies are able to supply to the infected area. Similarly, as Christians, we need to address our spiritual health. Spiritual deadness will not result in healing. Freedom from addictions comes from heart transformation. Heart transformation comes from intimate communion with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, through his Word, and in the context of fellowship. A conducive environment is necessary for proper healing.

But many times we forget that a wound is in the healing process and we subject it to more harm. Many times I have done this. My wound was healing fine but I start poking it with objects. At times removing the scab! Spiritual wounds are no different. We all know the things that have caused us great spiritual harm. But many times we go back to the same things. We forget that those things whether its bad company, music, movies, among many other things, do cause harm. We think little of our hearts. We forget that we need to guard our heart with all diligence. With each harm we cause on the wound we risk making it worse. Many times we do make it worse. I can’t count the number of times I have made my physical wounds worse. Healing would have been a 1-week affair. But the whole process took almost 2 weeks. Friends, we need guard our wounds against Satans arrows. He will not stop firing them. But we can raise a shield of faith against his piercing arrows.

It is important that we don’t forget that God is behind any healing we need, physical, emotional or spiritual. Our trust is in God our healer. He alone can restore what is broken. Let us, therefore, run to him.



2 responses to “Wounds take time to heal

  1. This is AWESOME. Pastor V 😜. Seriously. So so good.
    “The state of our hearts determines how well we heal from whatever wound we may harbor”

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