Tribute to Grace Nduta Mwaura


Dear Grace, your life broke through ours in magnificent ways. To some, it was a close friendship. To some, it was your faithful consistent leadership. To some, your personality left an endearing mark.

You reminded us that service to our Saviour, Jesus Christ, is of utmost importance. By your sacrifice, we learned that God enables us to do hard things, that He works in us to love Him more and more and that His commands are not burdensome.

“You don’t know what you had until you lost it”, this saying has proved itself to be true. We now know that we can’t take for granted the casual hi-s and bye-s, dinner at a friend’s home, mundane trips to Juja, deep heart reaching conversations or simply your very presence.

For some us, we can only express the impact you left in our lives through something that resembles a letter. This letter. Your life taught us many things and beautifully so, it was how you lived it out. We praise God for how he led you to live this life. As one missionary said, “Only one life, twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.” Grace, thank you for making this truth clearer to us.


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