Oh the Covenant


Oh the covenant
That we are living in
It’s more than rings on hands
It’s a yes to the unknown

In seasons of doubt
And when famine comes around
We go to the storehouse
To the one who is always faithful

We are holding on
Holding on
Holding on to Him
As He is holding on
Holding on
To our covenant

We can feel the ache
The sovereign hand turns the page
What was easy to say
Is now staring us down

Is it till death do us part
Or till a change of heart
Feelings go so far
But where are we when they’re gone

We reflect the greatest story
Of our King and His bride
We’re not hidden
But shine brightly
Blazing witness in the night

Covenant by Bethany Barnard

This has been one of my favourite songs recently. I love it because it reminds me that marriage in this life is a reflection/pointer to a believer’s union with Christ. I love how the chorus echoes “We are holding on, holding on … as He is holding on to our covenant”. I am encouraged to know that Christ is holding on, that he calls me to hold on by his strength. I am encouraged to hold on to Christ because I know there will never come a day when Christ will decide not to hold on. “Our Covenant”, because this covenant is between the believer and Christ. I pray that God grants me the chance to “shine brightly” and be a “blazing witness in the night” of “the greatest story of a King and His bride.”

Here is the song on YouTube.


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